Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It's been a while yet again. So just an update to what's going on.
The Art directing gig I mentioned in the last post I ended up doing after all. The guy that got it ended up leaving after a week to work on something else. It was the most hectic gig I've done so far but it's done and everything worked out.
I'm in the middle of doing my first storyboard gig right now. Came up unexpectedly and well timed. Just as I was trying to think what I should look into for my next job. I won't be putting any of it up here though because honestly I'm not impressed with how they look. Great practice though. A bit mis-timed weirdly enough. I start a storyboarding course in August just as I'm finishing up this job. So I'll be kicking myself when I learn things that I could have applied. The course is through again.
I enjoyed the digital painting course I just finished with Bobby Chui. Learned quite a bit and now need to practice the new knowledge so it becomes instinctual.
Until next time.
Be good, if not at least be good at what you do.


Darcy Bross said...

Storyboarding? Sounds like a dream job. The comics experience definitely comes in handy there I'm sure. Definitely storyboarding was one of my favorite parts at school. I'm curious to find out if they put together a rough cut of some scenes using your storyboards using dialog and music, or as art director maybe you did that. I have had to do that on a couple of commercials and I think if I could get a full time job just rough-cutting storyboards I would. So fun. I can only hope it was so for you.

Overload said...

No rough cut on this one. There's a massive amount of frames to be drawn. (I'm already at about 200+ with at least another 200 to go) These are purely for the director and key positions to get on the same page.
It's fun but stressful. I have very little time and it's been difficult for the director to find time to sit down.

I'd love to do commercial work. I'd be able to do a hell of a lot more detailed boards.