Friday, May 02, 2008


So I'm done the Expo and I'm back from Banff. Had a nice time but I'm ready to get back to work. First thing I have a couple design jobs to clear up that I put off. Fortunately my clients are very understanding. Next after that I'm going to work on a submission for my buddy Alberto's book Eye Candy. Tuesday I start my Digital Painting class online through Bobby Chui's Schoolism
Then I'm going full blown on the graphic novel. I plan on having it as well as a sketchbook done for next years Calgary Expo. Hopefully I'll make it down to Seattle's Emerald Con in 2009 as well, possibly some other conventions next year to sell my stuff.
After losing out on an Art Directing gig called "Confessions of a Go-Go dancer" (awesome title) because of union seniority and availability, I just got a call asking if I'd be interested in possibly finishing the last couple weeks of the show. So we'll see if that happens. I haven't worked on a movie for about three months.
My next post should be some concepts of pretty ladies for Eye Candy.
'Til then


Darcy said...

Hey what is up with the Banff trip. Did the festival treat the creators to the mini-holiday? Or was it more of a 'hey lets go to the mountains to do some drinking and drawing' sort of a thing?

It was a much bigger show than I was expecting, I still didn't find the Madman book I was snooping for though:( It was great to see you, I'm glad you posted about it on Facebook. Now you're in my RSS feed though so you better write lots.


Overload said...

A little of both. We've taken guests up every year. It's the reason we're getting some of guests. There's some drawing and a lot of drinking.

We really need to stop running into each other every few years. I think officially your my oldest friend. We need to hang out more often.