Monday, December 22, 2008

New Years Resolution

It's that time of the year again where we make promises to ourselves that we will likely not keep. This year I think I will resolve to post more on this blog and quit smoking. Let's see how this works out.
There are other things I hope to accomplish this year but I hesitate to call them resolutions. I prefer the term plans. It has more of a commitment to them. So here are some of my plans for 2009

.Have the first DVD in the art tutorial series ready for sale by April at the latest.
.Have my first sketchbook printed and ready for the expo in April
.Have my first Graphic novel/screenplay written. (if not drawn)
.Finish as many of the projects I've promised people in the last year as possible. (Not holding my breath on this one.)
.Take a couple more courses(Art, drafting what have you. It doesn't matter what as long as I'm learning something.)
.Draw more (That's just a given. Doesn't matter how much I'm drawing, I could always be doing it more.)
.Start research on the history of the world Illustrated. (This will be a project that takes many years, so the sooner I start the better.)
.Learn better time management.(This should be first on the list if I have any hope of doing the list.)

I'm sure there's other things but for the time being this will get me started.

I haven't posted any drawings in a very long time so here's the pencils for the 2009 Calgary Expo charity book that I've done and am currently doing the digital painting for.