Monday, August 11, 2008

2 in the Morning

So it's 2 am right now and I'm taking a break from the storyboards, so I thought I'd do an entry. I've had a couple fun/frustrating days playing with my new toys. Purely for work toys of course. I finally upgraded my tablet from an Intuos to a Cintiq. Taking a bit of an adjustment period to get used to it but once I'm comfortable it'll be the shit. I also just picked up the Iphone. I've been kind of iffy on whether or not to get it but finally gave in. So now I can be connected where ever I go. Not that I ever leave my studio and really need mobility. But one day I'll set foot outside and now I can with my email/security blanket with me at all times.
When did my life become so completely ruled by ones and zeroes? It's a good thing I can get a tan from my monitor and don't need the sun.
Back to work


Darcy said...

Sweet, I didn't even notice when I was over at your place that you had a tablet. How do you like the Cintiq? I love the idea of doing it right on the screen. Are they pressure sensitive too (eg. press harder to get a thicker line)?

I am holding out on a laptop so I can hopefully get something next-gen that has this kind of functionality. With things like the Air and the new Macbook Pros it is just a matter of time.

Overload said...

I'm loving the cintiq. There's a few things that I've got to adjust my workflow to. But that should stop bugging me soon. They're just as pressure sensitive as the other tablets.
It's nice to be able to twist it like I'm drawing on a piece of paper. Now I've just got to find a photoshop brush that feels like I'm using a pencil.
There's a company I read about in Imagine FX that sells modified mac laptops that have been converted to tablet pc's as well as mac is rumoured to be developing one itself. Guess I should start saving my pennies.

Darcy said...

Oh man, if you haven't checked out the Dave Nagel brush set it is fantastic. I having been loving them since school days a couple of years ago. I like keeping the brush opacity down a bit so I can build up tones. I don't draw in PS so much anymore but when I was doing it plenty at school these brushes came in handy.

Also, I loved messing around a bit with Mike Foran's brush. Not quite as versatile in use but when a gutsy, fast line drawing is needed it knows no equal.

Wow I am really finding excuses to not get much done today.